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Insurance New was designed as an online resource for new and existing customers to learn about different insurance programs, as a customer service vehicle, and as a medium for requesting insurance related quotes. Because this platform is designed on the world wide web your online privacy is something we take very seriously. This privacy policy is designed to inform our customers and visitors to our website how we collect and use the personal information you elect to provide to us.


**If you are a visitor to our website and you choose to register for our services or provide us with personal information, you authorize us to use such information as set forth in this privacy policy. **



When you visit our website, you may provide us with two general types of information – personal information that you consciously choose to disclose to us on an individual basis, and website use information that we collect on an aggregate basis as visitors browse our website. You may also provide us with the personal information required for us to provide the services that you purchase from us, however we only request the personal information necessary to establish and service our customers' email accounts. This may include, depending on the service/product purchased:

Full name / Date of Birth/ Social Security Number/ Driving History/ Claims History/ Medical History / Company name/ Mailing Address/ Phone Number/ Credit card account information for billing purposes/ etc.

We may also collect information such as gender, age, occupation and income. This information is used in the aggregate only and not on an individual basis, solely to determine the demographic statistics of those using our website or our services.

You may also choose to provide us with a resume in response to available employment opportunities that we post on our web site. We only use the information included on your resume to evaluate you as a candidate for employment.

From time to time, we may use the personal information that you provide to us to notify you about important changes to our web site, our services or special offers that we think you will appreciate. If we co-sponsor a special offer with another company and if you choose to provide personal information relative to the offer, then the information you provide may be used by both us and the co-sponsor. If you do not want to receive emails with this type of content, you may opt out by notifying us.





A cookie is a small text document that a web server can store temporarily with your web browser. Each time you visit a website, that website's server asks your computer's browser for permission to store a cookie on your hard drive in an area specifically designated for cookies. Cookies are useful for having your computer remember specific information from a particular website's server to be reloaded the next time you surf that server's website. Cookies help us gather feedback on our website to better serve our customers.

A cookie file is not a secret way for a web server to gain access to personal information about you or your computer. Each cookie is marked with information about its destination website server—your computer will not send cookies to any other website server. You may elect to be notified each time a website's server asks permission to store a cookie by amending certain settings in your web browser so that you have the ability to refuse a cookie when it is being served.

Our use of cookies is limited to the following:

To learn more about how our visitors use our website by analyzing usage patterns in the aggregate. We never use information collected from cookies to profile individual visitor behavior.

To collect information about how advertisements prompt visits to our website. In cases where a visitor views an advertisement which leads to our website, and subsequently fills out our visitor profile requesting information about our services, we combine information about that advertisement collected from cookies with the visitor profile in order to gauge the effectiveness of various advertising campaigns.

To keep track of the services you purchase from us and to maintain a list of purchases in your shopping cart.
We may require that you accept cookies in order to access certain of our services or features available through our services. We do not however, require you to accept cookies while visiting our website. If you set your browser to refuse all cookies, you can still enjoy complete access to all areas of our website.




An IP address is a number that is assigned to your computer each time you log onto the Internet. If you purchase our services, the email messages that you send through our services typically contain your IP address in the header information of the email message. IP addresses provide the recipient of your email message with the ability to track your IP address to your Internet service provider or the location of the computer from which you sent the email message.




We do not sell, rent, or share your personal information with any unaffiliated third party, except as necessary to provide our services. We have in the past and may in the future, enter into strategic partnerships, alliances or other business arrangements with third parties in order to provide and enhance our services. Certain of these third parties may have access to your personal information, however have committed to restrict access as necessary to provide their services to us or to you.
We have chosen a third party to process our credit card transactions in order to provide enhanced security, reliability and fraud protection mechanisms for your purchases. The credit card information that you choose to provide during your purchase is maintained in our credit card processing company's database for accounting and billing purposes. We do not maintain a copy of your credit card information on our servers.
Under certain situations, we may release your personal information if required by law, or if we believe the disclosure is necessary to abide by law or to protect our website or users of our services, or to defend our property. We will only disclose the minimum information that we are required to disclose.




We review this privacy policy at regular intervals and at least annually for compliance with internal procedures and industry standards. We reserve the right to change to this privacy policy at any time and may not notify you of such changes. If we change this privacy policy, we will post the changes on the Privacy Policy link on our website located at so that you will always know what information we collect from you and how we use it. We encourage you to check our website frequently for updates.


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